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Link Service

Supporting survivors of sexual violence and abuse reach their goals


The Link service at Survivors’ Network aims to build an informal and supportive confidential relationship between a trained female volunteer and a survivor, to help them identify goals and plan how best to achieve them. The service is currently open to self-identified women aged 18 onwards who have experienced sexual violence.


You and your volunteer will negotiate, on an individual basis, where and when you will meet, usually for an hour on a weekly basis for 3 months.  


Past clients have used the service to make changes in their lives such as breaking isolation, increasing your social networks, returning to education and training, trying new activities / hobbies, writing books, creating artwork.  We can also work with you towards any hopes and aspirations you might have for the future.


What is the role of a SN Link volunteer?


•          Someone who offers respect

•          Someone who listens to you

•          Someone who offers emotional and practical support

•          Someone who can help you explore options

•          Someone who is on your side

•          Someone friendly

•          Someone who you can rely on for the time that you have assigned together, but cannot make decisions on your behalf

•          It is important to be aware the Links Service is not counselling. Your volunteer will offer you warmth and support but this is not a therapeutic service. 


For more information, please contact our office at or call 01273 203 380 opt 0.