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Information and Advice

The Advocacy team at Survivors' Network provide signposting and practical advocacy support for people who have experienced sexual violence and are thinking about reporting to the police, or who have an open police investigation, or who have concerns about a case that has previously been reported to the police. 


The Advocacy Service is run by ISVAs - Independent Sexual Violence Advisors and includes one specialist Children's ISVA who works with children aged 13 and under, and their families/carers. We offer support to access appropriate services and help to understand your rights, either in the immediate aftermath, or years after surviving sexual violence or abuse.


We offer support on a range of issues relating to sexual offences such as reporting to the police, support through the legal process, housing, accessing follow up health support, liaising with work or college, or accessing therapeutic support. We can also help you with Third Party Anonymous Reporting if you do not feel ready to complete a full police report at this time.


We are independent from the police and social services. We will not tell you what to do and we offer a confidential service. There are some exceptions and these are outlined in our confidentiality policy. Your ISVA will make sure you understand these and answer any questions you might have before you start work together.


If you would like to know more call 01273 203380 and ask to speak to an advocate or download a self-referral form and email it back to

To find out more and/or make a young person's referral (age 13 or under), download our information sheet and referral form or email